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Anta MACH 4 Running Shoes


size guide

Size chart

USEURCHNUKFoot length (mm)Foot girth (mm)

MAN RUNNING shoes and LIFESTYLE shoes size guide Anta

Size charts are according to standard human parameters design, please contact our customer service if the instructions aren’t clear and don’t know how to choose the right size.

  1. Foot Length is measured in milimeters (mm).
  2. Foot Length Measurement Method: Put your foot on a white paper, mark the point out length of the toe and heel. Two points of the length is the correct length of the feet.
  3. Left and right feet have a slight diference – please choose the size of the bigger feet.
  4. If the feet are wide and the instep is high, we recommend a bigger size.
  5. If the feet are slim and the instep is flat, we recommend a smaller size.



– NITROEDGE it is injected into the sole material under supercritical high pressure. Light, elastic and durable. Light weight: the low-density material is much lighter under the same volume and helpful for sports performance. High rebounding: the rebounding performance is higher than that of regular midsoles thus provides a better feeling. High durability: the material with little physical attenuation is highly resistant to fatigue and able to endure prolonged games.

– A-WEB upper boasts a 360-degree coherent heat ventilation function. The pressure difference caused by moisture within the A-WEB structure results in greater air circulation, and accelerates sweat discharge. It has a three-layer composite material structure: the upper and lower levels are single-layer mesh and the middle level is a regular hexagon EVA, which causes a 3D effect and provides softness, comfort, support and protection.

– A-GRIP PRO rubber technology is an expressed protector for maximum grip even on wet asphalt.

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Anta MACH 4 running shoes

For fartlek, tempo, and threshold runs, these are top choice running shoes. The ANTA MACH 4 running shoes are designed for the uneven streets, narrow sidewalks, less-than-perfect routes and runs with a start-stop flow. They are designed for when you need to put power into the ground — making it race-ready, too. The A-WEB system wraps your feet with an engineered material called MESH. It keeps feet happy, while structured overlays and a flared heel collar keep them in place.

The improved LAUNCHZONE features a W-shaped fork embedded in a full-length NITROEDGE midsole. The W-shaped fork stabilizes every foot strike and helps transmit power in the right direction. Anta nitrogen-infused midsole foam is lighter, softer and has an energy return rate of about 83% to optimise your performance. Durable and tacky rubber with multi-directional lug patterns and micro-texture across high-wear areas allows to confidently corner and change pace. To own the curves and corners is the durable A-GRIP PRO outsole with its multi-directional lugs perfect choice.

Color: Black/Green

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ANTA Sports is a leading brand of sportswear, which has been engaged in the design, development, production and marketing of the ANTA series of sports equipment for many years. It provides customers with professional sports products, including footwear, apparel and accessories.

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